Teylu Health & Wellbeing – Indian Head Massage


Derived from the ancient Indian Ayurverdic system of health which encompasses the person as a whole, Indian Head Massage aims to alleviate stress, tension and aid blood flow in the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and head.  Despite being around in the Indian continent since 3000 B.C (some sources say between 1800 and 5000 B.C), it has only been gaining popularity in the West in recent years.


Massage is still very much part of Indian daily life and fits in with my training as a UK registered nurse; the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC, 2018) state in their code:


Make sure that people’s physical, social and psychological needs are assessed and responded to


Treating the whole person (holistic health) is being recognised more and more in today’s hectic and digital world, such as walking in nature, mindfulness and self-care.  Indian Head Massage aims to be just one way of obtaining this equilibrium.


“As health is influenced by a complex interplay of physical, social, economic,
cultural and environmental factors, it must be seen in a broader context, with all stakeholders involved. We need to re-establish the core value of health care, which is health and well-being of all people as the central goal. This entails a more holistic and people-centred approach to health care, and a balanced consideration of the rights and needs as well as the responsibilities and capacities of all health constituents and stakeholders. Health systems, therefore, need to change.”  –  World Health Organisation (W.H.O).


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