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A Digital Detox

The digital world we live in has been on my mind for a while now; I recently completed an essay for my Masters in Nursing about the role of technology and digitisation in the medical world, which is a totally different concept. I have… Continue Reading “A Digital Detox”

What a few months it’s been …

I have neglected this page, although my intentions moving forward are to make it more  a priority. I am studying towards my Master’s in Adult Nursing which means essay writing; I am working on my fourth history book for Amberley Publishing and working the… Continue Reading “What a few months it’s been …”

Monday Motivation. Or Not.

I’m trying to find it, honest … … after working in my day job this past weekend, I have 2 days off and 1 day at Uni. I have so many wonderful ideas, so little time and soooo much digression going on!  I want… Continue Reading “Monday Motivation. Or Not.”

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