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#cub hunting #badger cull #animal cruelty – why?!

Well, so much bad news about hunting, badger culling etc in the news lately, it’s very depressing. From the despicable sub-humans on Exmoor hunting a stag (I couldn’t watch the clip myself) to the absolute backward-thinking practice of fox (and cub) hunting and the… Continue Reading “#cub hunting #badger cull #animal cruelty – why?!”

Care for Hedgehogs in the upcoming Autumn & Winter

Here is an  A-Z  link on how to care for hedgehogs who will be coming upto their hibernation.  I’ve tried to take a screen shot but it won’t let me, but all info is available on the fabulous Hedgehog Street. They need all the help… Continue Reading “Care for Hedgehogs in the upcoming Autumn & Winter”

I’m a Hedgehog Champion!!

Eh?   Well, it’s a brilliant initiative between People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS).  Anyone can join up HERE and it’s all about mapping sightings, what you can proactively do to make a difference and fabulous tips on… Continue Reading “I’m a Hedgehog Champion!!”

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