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Another piece of nature at risk …

Below is an interesting article from The Guardian regarding demolition of Gwent Wildlife Trust’s Magor Marsh and the Gwent Levels.  It has history and such a diverse ecosystem it’s been likened to the Amazon, let alone the proof that nature helps with mental health… Continue Reading “Another piece of nature at risk …”

Massage & Reflexology for Anxiety & Stress

Today, I had my regular massage and reflexology session and boy, does it work wonders. For me,  it’s about switching off – and I mean really switch off. It loosens up muscles and joints and leaves me feeling completely relaxed and with a clearer mind.… Continue Reading “Massage & Reflexology for Anxiety & Stress”

New Article – Green Care for Health & Wellbeing

Here is an article I had published yesterday by Henpicked, the online magazine for women over forty although to be honest, anyone could read and pick up some tips!   Henpicked – What is Green Care?   I have only touched base on the… Continue Reading “New Article – Green Care for Health & Wellbeing”

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