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Inside History – a new magazine on the block!

Click on the link to be in with a chance for a free prize draw to win copies of some fab books, including mine 😀   Inside History – Louise Wyatt

Massage & Reflexology for Anxiety & Stress

Today, I had my regular massage and reflexology session and boy, does it work wonders. For me,  it’s about switching off – and I mean really switch off. It loosens up muscles and joints and leaves me feeling completely relaxed and with a clearer mind.… Continue Reading “Massage & Reflexology for Anxiety & Stress”

League Against Cruel Sports

An awesome organisation that also have their own wildlife sanctuaries that you can visit with permission when you are a member. Where wildlife is safe from illegal activities and from so-called culling. Absolutely worth joining and supporting …   League Against Cruel Sports Website… Continue Reading “League Against Cruel Sports”

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