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A Digital Detox

The digital world we live in has been on my mind for a while now; I recently completed an essay for my Masters in Nursing about the role of technology and digitisation in the medical world, which is a totally different concept. I have… Continue Reading “A Digital Detox”

A Day Off and A Little Piece of Wild Surburbia

My little area of mindfulness! A normal garden in surburbia, most of which is left to its own devices.  Today it has been visited by butterflies,  bees and damsel flies,  proving there are no such thing as weeds! I can hear the grasshoppers as… Continue Reading “A Day Off and A Little Piece of Wild Surburbia”

A new website to share …

… I’ve just discovered this:   Seeking Wild Sights   Five tips on how to reconnect with nature, resonated well with me.  Have a read!             ©2019 Emma Powell

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