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Coronavirus – How to Stay On Top of Facts, Not Hearsay

So, as a registered nurse, I like to know the facts about this Coronavirus business.  Please see links below about keeping things in perspective and hopefully helping positivity regarding our mental health in this unprecedented situation.  The links below are updated daily, especially as… Continue Reading “Coronavirus – How to Stay On Top of Facts, Not Hearsay”

Connectedness to Nature – A Missing Link

A very important piece of research here by the brilliant FINDING NATURE  blog, with evidence and facts that really need to be taken on board.   “The population data shows that levels of nature connectedness need to be significantly higher for the majority of… Continue Reading “Connectedness to Nature – A Missing Link”

How to Release Stress Immediately …

… just follow the instructions below 😉     Blatantly stolen off a Facebook Group but no credit given originally so happy to share 🙂          

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