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Crohn’s disease series: What is enterapathic arthritis?

I finally had a consultation with my rheumatologist today who confirmed that all the tests/scans done since last August, show I do not have rheumatoid or osteo-arthritis. Happy days. My painful and sometimes swollen joints are – as originally thought – a lovely by-product… Continue Reading “Crohn’s disease series: What is enterapathic arthritis?”

My Wild Garden No.4 – #wildlifewatchUK #wildlifewales @wildlifetrusts

    On the left, picture taken yesterday after lots of noise from the long grass left to grow around the garden, showing 2 males and 1 female grasshopper.  We hear them everyday but don’t usually manage to spot them.  There was another female… Continue Reading “My Wild Garden No.4 – #wildlifewatchUK #wildlifewales @wildlifetrusts”

My Wild Garden #3

  Ladybirds, or given their proper name, Coccinellidae, are a family of small beetles (not bugs) with the name deriving from the Latin coccineus meaning ‘scarlet’.  Although I can’t imagine anyone shouting Coccinellidae! when they see a ladybird. The term ‘ladybird’ came about in… Continue Reading “My Wild Garden #3”

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