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How Remiss of Me!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted on here since January. Some blogger eh?!   It’s been a hard couple of months – my rotator cuff decided not to work one morning and frozen shoulder also kicked in.  My physio told me I’m unlucky and… Continue Reading “How Remiss of Me!”

Who’s Got Time to be Mindful?!

This is a very good article.  Mindfulness and meditation needs practice and, in my humble opinion, is very difficult to do properly – especially in our fast, digital world.   Concentration – a lost art?   I firmly believe too many people are not… Continue Reading “Who’s Got Time to be Mindful?!”

New Year Resolutions … rubbish!

Why put yourself under all that pressure?! I believe the new year, new start mantra is psychologically empowering but I also believe a lot of people make a lot of money out of it, especially in the world of health – new fad diets,… Continue Reading “New Year Resolutions … rubbish!”

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