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#TreesOnTuesday – Tree huggers

  I’ve been called a tree-hugger a few times over the years and you know what?  Couldn’t give a toss!  It’s usually meant to be derogatory, trying to embarrass someone who cares about other living things and weirdly enough, a particular living thing that… Continue Reading “#TreesOnTuesday – Tree huggers”


From ancient natives, managed forests, coppiced avenues and graveyard guardians, there is a tree for every occasion.  As well as our health.  More people are becoming aware of the benefit of getting out in nature, see links below for further info.      … Continue Reading “#TreesOnTuesday”


I’ve only got one thing to say this week … stop listening to news, even just for a few hours.  It’s all so depressing!  The earth is burning and the world is run by megalomaniacs. Get outside just to stop, be still and be… Continue Reading “#TherapyThursday”

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