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Walking in Nature

Below is a small part of the world where I can walk, think and step out of modern life.  Home to much wildlife, ancient woodland and meadows, Magor Marsh, in the care of Gwent Wildlife Trust, was the route of a proposed M4 route. …

How Remiss of Me!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted on here since January. Some blogger eh?!   It’s been a hard couple of months – my rotator cuff decided not to work one morning and frozen shoulder also kicked in.  My physio told me I’m unlucky and…

Who’s Got Time to be Mindful?!

This is a very good article.  Mindfulness and meditation needs practice and, in my humble opinion, is very difficult to do properly – especially in our fast, digital world.   Concentration – a lost art?   I firmly believe too many people are not…

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