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Return of ‘my’ #hedgehog!

  Well, I don’t know if it’s a returning hedgeypig (my term for hedgehog!) from the ones I had last year but who cares, there are hedgeypigs back in the garden!  This is so, so important, we need to look after their dwindling numbers;… Continue Reading “Return of ‘my’ #hedgehog!”

Good old fashioned soap – still the best current defence against Covid-19 …

… as well as staying home of course!   Good old-fashioned soap, still currently our best defence

It’s Been Too Long!

I am a bit remiss but things have been hectic, including a dose of flu and toothache, neither of which I have had since childhood! So, I have a new health and wellbeing business, just up and running HERE; I am about to start researching… Continue Reading “It’s Been Too Long!”

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