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Wild Garden Awakening 2021

The garden is beginning to awaken. The Hawthorn (courtesy of #woodlandtrust) and Alder (rescued from a building site) I planted last year have some healthy looking buds. The Rowan is about 3yrs old now and about 6.5ft. The wild corner is coming alive, mainly… Continue Reading “Wild Garden Awakening 2021”

#cub hunting #badger cull #animal cruelty – why?!

Well, so much bad news about hunting, badger culling etc in the news lately, it’s very depressing. From the despicable sub-humans on Exmoor hunting a stag (I couldn’t watch the clip myself) to the absolute backward-thinking practice of fox (and cub) hunting and the… Continue Reading “#cub hunting #badger cull #animal cruelty – why?!”

My Wildlife Garden No.5 – Alder Tree @WoodlandTrust @TheTreeCouncil

    We had a small tree-like thingy sprout up end of last year by our front door.  I left it alone because, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t believe in weeds.  Anyway, fast forward a year and it was about 3ft high –… Continue Reading “My Wildlife Garden No.5 – Alder Tree @WoodlandTrust @TheTreeCouncil”

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