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#cub hunting #badger cull #animal cruelty – why?!

Well, so much bad news about hunting, badger culling etc in the news lately, it’s very depressing. From the despicable sub-humans on Exmoor hunting a stag (I couldn’t watch the clip myself) to the absolute backward-thinking practice of fox (and cub) hunting and the… Continue Reading “#cub hunting #badger cull #animal cruelty – why?!”

My Wildlife Garden No.5 – Alder Tree @WoodlandTrust @TheTreeCouncil

    We had a small tree-like thingy sprout up end of last year by our front door.  I left it alone because, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t believe in weeds.  Anyway, fast forward a year and it was about 3ft high –… Continue Reading “My Wildlife Garden No.5 – Alder Tree @WoodlandTrust @TheTreeCouncil”

My Wild Garden No.4 – #wildlifewatchUK #wildlifewales @wildlifetrusts

    On the left, picture taken yesterday after lots of noise from the long grass left to grow around the garden, showing 2 males and 1 female grasshopper.  We hear them everyday but don’t usually manage to spot them.  There was another female… Continue Reading “My Wild Garden No.4 – #wildlifewatchUK #wildlifewales @wildlifetrusts”

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