Crohn’s disease series: What is enterapathic arthritis?

Crohn’s Disease Series: What is Enterapathic Arthritis?

I finally had a consultation with my rheumatologist today who confirmed that all the tests/scans done since last August, show I do not have rheumatoid or osteo-arthritis. Happy days. My painful and sometimes swollen joints are – as originally thought – a lovely by-product of having Crohn’s Disease, aka as enterapathic arthritis and can flare when the gut does or independently. Exacerbated by menopause, mixed with some chronic fatigue and an added touch of fibromyalgia. What a combo! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ My main coping mechanisms include (and sometimes difficult to get) complete rest, at least a few hours of decent sleep, analgesia and although I sometimes use an anti-inflammatory gel to rub in, I have found this natural product by @aromatherapybyholly to much more beneficial in ‘taking the edge of’ pain and discomfort of the joints:

Snapshot: What is Enterapathic Arthritis?

  • The actual physiology isn’t known but the proteins in the body that protect – and usually do an amazing job – actually over-develop and the result is inflammation.
  • There is an overlap between inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and inflammatory arthritis sometimes known as the Joint-Gut Axis. Sufferers can show shared genetic risk factors as well as changes in gut microbes across this Axis.
  • It can also manifest itself as uveitis and iritis (inflammation of the eye).
  • Painful joints can be a factor without inflammation present (arthralgia).
  • Enteric means gut/intestines, arthro is derived from ancient Greek meaning joint, itis is also Greek, meaning inflammation/swelling as is algos/agia meaning pain.

See Nature Reviews Rheumatology and Crohn’s and Colitis UK for further info.

The next topic in my series of Crohn’s Disease will aim to look at Chronic Fatigue 😴

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