#cub hunting #badger cull #animal cruelty – why?!

Well, so much bad news about hunting, badger culling etc in the news lately, it’s very depressing. From the despicable sub-humans on Exmoor hunting a stag (I couldn’t watch the clip myself) to the absolute backward-thinking practice of fox (and cub) hunting and the unscientific so-called badger cull, I really do despair of the human race. Well, a lot of them anyway. The past few weeks of news on all of this has made me mad, sad and bloody angry.

The people that partake in these activities lack some serious intellect. Living in their little bubbles of self-righteousness and unstable thrills from tearing an innocent creature to bits whilst alive, they refuse to look at facts, science and the good of the eco-system – especially where the badger cull is concerned. For the proper evidence regarding the badger cull, I highly recommend TB Free England on the actual facts and the highlighted cases of the real causes of TB in cattle such as a lack of farming husbandry and plain cruelty.

It’s all shit. Every last shitty little person that defends any of this. From the ‘it’s the countryside way’, ‘vermin’ and any other bollocks they choose to spout, it really is about ‘because I can’, lack of feeling/empathy, disrespect for any living creature and money. Facts are available anywhere if you choose to look because just for once, I can’t be arsed to guide such ignorance. So here’s a pic of my regular visitors 🙂

©Emma Powell. Badger Pic courtesy of PBarlowArt from Pixabay

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