My Wildlife Garden No.5 – Alder Tree @WoodlandTrust @TheTreeCouncil




We had a small tree-like thingy sprout up end of last year by our front door.  I left it alone because, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t believe in weeds.  Anyway, fast forward a year and it was about 3ft high – turned out to be an alder tree (one had sprouted up on some waste ground next door, I’m assuming it seeded from that).  Knowing I couldn’t let it grow next to my front door, we relocated it to the back garden to join our native Rowan and Hawthorne from the Woodland Trust.  It promptly began to die!  Leaves literally curled up and went brown overnight but with lots (and lots) of watering, a bit of Reiki, within a week or so it turned around and began to bud/green up again, as seen in the pic above.  Still growing strong 🌳





©Images Emma Powell

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