My Wild Garden No.4 – #wildlifewatchUK #wildlifewales @wildlifetrusts



On the left, picture taken yesterday after lots of noise from the long grass left to grow around the garden, showing 2 males and 1 female grasshopper.  We hear them everyday but don’t usually manage to spot them.  There was another female a little way up and unfortunately, not long after this pic was taken, a magpie flew in and snapped one of them up!  Nature in action.

On the right, a small spider I noticed last week, in the process of burrowing down into the soil, complete with egg sac (I haven’t a clue what spider it is, quite small though).


Just a reminder, my garden is just a normal suburban one, only 3 years old (new build) and built on a brownfield site.  Anyone can encourage, support and enjoy the wildlife in the smallest of spaces and they sure need our help 🙂


Have a good day!


This is from Usk Resevoir and by no means is anything like my garden 😀



Images ©2020 Emma Powell

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