Cornwall Series #1 – The Lizard

I’ve decided to do a blog series dedicated to my Cornish ancestry.  My grandmother’s parents moved the family from Falmouth in Cornwall to an area just outside of London, in Middlesex, where my gt-grandfather got a job on the new railway there.  Hence why I wasn’t born in Cornwall!  More about the family link another time …

Cornwall Map
Image courtesy of Alwyn Ladell [flickr] via CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license


My first post will be about somewhere more or less unspoilt and also my most favourite place on earth.  Full of atmosphere, history and legends wrapped up in nature at its finest.  You can walk and see only a handful of people and sometimes not see anyone, especially out of holiday season.  The place is a paradox, barren yet full of life, magical but real, peaceful yet set in one of the busiest holiday destinations in the UK.

A very good informative piece here from The Cornish Bird Blog about the area and Dry Tree Menhir on the nature reserve.  I visit when I can and there is something very magical about it, in my mind anyway! 😀


The Dry Tree Menhir dates from the Bronze Age.  Image courtesy of Jim Champion [flickr] via CC BY-SA 2.0 license


Looking out over some of the nature reserve, including its’ history as a RAF base. Image ©Emma Powell


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