Coronavirus – How to Stay On Top of Facts, Not Hearsay

So, as a registered nurse, I like to know the facts about this Coronavirus business.  Please see links below about keeping things in perspective and hopefully helping positivity regarding our mental health in this unprecedented situation.  The links below are updated daily, especially as the pandemic is a largely unknown one, so keep checking and keep doing what you can do – which doesn’t include panic buying!


Personally, I feel we are having a karmic kick up the arse from Mother Nature.  We need to understand we are part of the earth, not outside of it, and we must treat the world we live in accordingly.


Latest Government guidance from social distancing to isolation


Live world statistics – check out the flu and other conditions though, you might be surprised


Reduction of pollution


MOST IMPORTANTLY – wash hands/sanitise more than normal and do this for 20 seconds or more. Good old fashioned soap! Do not touch face (surprising how much we do!) as virus is transmitted through mouth, nose and eyes.  Be respectful, thoughtful and stay safe 🙂

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