It’s Been Too Long!

I am a bit remiss but things have been hectic, including a dose of flu and toothache, neither of which I have had since childhood!

So, I have a new health and wellbeing business, just up and running HERE; I am about to start researching for a new article for the brilliant INSIDE HISTORY MAGAZINE with the theme of witches and nurses.

Heartbreaking news on the monstrosity that is HS2, will be writing further about that in due course but what a huge, devastating mistake this government is.

To end on a bit of positvity, I am looking forward to Spring – have seen the snowdrops coming through and buds on my garden trees so although I’m not a hater of winter, will be good to get back out in nature, walking and taking too many photos as usual.

And breathe … 🙂

Apple Blossom.  Photo by courtesy of ©Lesley Midda.  You can see more of Lesley’s gorgeous photos by following her on Facebook



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