From ancient natives, managed forests, coppiced avenues and graveyard guardians, there is a tree for every occasion.  As well as our health.  More people are becoming aware of the benefit of getting out in nature, see links below for further info.




Managed ©2019 Emma Powell
Ancient drover’s route ©2019 Emma Powell
Ancient hedgerow/remains of a wooded area on wetlands ©2019 Emma Powell
Coppiced avenue ©2019 Emma Powell
Ancient byway marked by trees ©2019 Emma Powell



The Nature Cure

Give Gardening a Go!






Some Examples of Evidence

My own Article on the History of Green Care





My own personal favourite is the Rowan Tree, a native tree to the British Isles and with lots of superstition attached!  Walk With Trees is a fab website with lots of info but here’s a link to the Rowan:


The Rowan – Walk with Trees


My 2yr old Rowan in the garden. ©2019 Emma Powell






©2019 Emma Powell



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