A Digital Detox

The digital world we live in has been on my mind for a while now; I recently completed an essay for my Masters in Nursing about the role of technology and digitisation in the medical world, which is a totally different concept. I have been perusing more on the digital daily life we live now, namely social media.


Ever feel you need a break?!  But there is that addiction, that need to know what’s going on with people, even the ones you don’t know.  Thankfully, I’m at the age where I had a life before social media so I can recognise an addiction, a pull, a need to keep scrolling that screen.  I’m aware there are all sorts of people that also recognise this and those that don’t go for all the social media hype – my sister and best friend to name two.  However, as an author, it is part and parcel of having a marketing presence, for your readers and for any future work opportunities that may come your way.  So, I hang onto Facebook despite despairing over the amount of negative stories, especially regarding animal cruelty, the environment and the ridiculous people in charge of powerful countries.  I only started Twitter last year but have networked with some good results for my writing career; I’m just trying to pluck up the courage to launch an Instagram!  I do take a lot of pics during research and I can always have a go at waffling a good story to accompany them …


So, whilst browsing on my phone (ha ha) I came across a good but simple blog post on the BUPA website about having a digital detox,  have a read HERE.  It mentions 4 main things to help guide you so it’s not a convoluted or time-consuming read.  The 4 things are turning off notifications from your emails and social media etc; going device-free during routine daily habits; going phone-free (this will be the hardest I imagine) and buying an alarm clock to save using your phone last thing at night and first thing in the morning.


Yesterday, I bought this:



Now, whilst it made me think of my childhood and thus made me feel all warm and cosy, I’m not so sure of clanging bells waking me up at 5.30am so we shall see.  The fact all alarm clocks were coincidentally reduced to half price in Tesco when I went looking, made me think the Gods of Alarm Clocks were smiling favourably upon me and it was meant to be.  As I said, we’ll see …



©2019 Emma L. Powell

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