I’m a Hedgehog Champion!!



Well, it’s a brilliant initiative between People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS).  Anyone can join up HERE and it’s all about mapping sightings, what you can proactively do to make a difference and fabulous tips on having hedgehogs visiting you.


I actually signed up last year and mapped the fact we had a cut a hole (originally for the cat but when it was apparent we had hedgehogs locally, it was a no-brainer).  Then we discovered hedgehog poo at the back of the garden, so I bought a hog-house (again, loads of info HERE ), left food and water out daily in the evening and most mornings found the food cleared.  Yes, it could have been cats (but my own cat wouldn’t touch it as it was specific hog food), it could have been a fox (possibly) but I had faith!  And only a few weeks ago, we spotted her/him in the garden; felt really good yet ultimately sad that a common sight from my childhood has become a rarer one now I’m older.  So please, please, get involved HERE.


If you’re wondering why all the fuss, this kinda sums it up 😦  Hedgehog Decline after 1.5m years …



Thank you!





©2019 Emma L. Powell

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