What a few months it’s been …

I have neglected this page, although my intentions moving forward are to make it more  a priority. I am studying towards my Master’s in Adult Nursing which means essay writing; I am working on my fourth history book for Amberley Publishing and working the day job.  I love my job but boy, it’s hard work sometimes!  I enjoy Academia but I get tired much quicker than I used to.  I love writing, it’s keeping me going.

I’m beginning to understand I am not as young as I used to be; things hurt when getting up, sitting down, walking around and thinking.  I’m beginning to attempt to take ‘me’ time but for something that sounds so simple, it’s very hard.  I’m teaching myself to walk away from my ‘phone, detach it from me and remember what it was like, barely ten years ago, when I knew that I wouldn’t suffer a catastrophic event just because my ‘phone wasn’t in my hand.  My ‘phone is for MY convenience, not for anyone else.  Social media for my writing only?  Getting there 🙂

What’s that pagan belief?  Maid. Mother. Crone.  I do believe I’m entering Crone phase!

Love & Light people, love & light 🙂


Ancient hedgerow at Magor Marsh, Gwent Levels.  Where the government want a new M4.


©2018 Emma Powell

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