Massage & Reflexology for Anxiety & Stress

Today, I had my regular massage and reflexology session and boy, does it work wonders. For me,  it’s about switching off – and I mean really switch off. It loosens up muscles and joints and leaves me feeling completely relaxed and with a clearer mind.




Holly Turner, BSc, MAR, MIFPA, runs Wellbeing Studio with a special interest in the effects of chronic stress on mental and physical health.  Holly’s studio is warm,  inviting and relaxing; she uses aromatherapy in her treatments as well as in burners and the scent instantly envelopes you.  I have an extreme nasal sensitivity to air fresheners (car, home,  plug-ins) as well as perfume and ‘concentrated’ deodorants but not essential oils – Holly always seems to burn the right mix. She will also explain what she’s using, the benefits and will make sure you are comfortable.

And that is Holly’s strength – she has got holistic care all wrapped up and her professionalism is obvious.  Holly makes you feel you are the only one who matters at that time and all her certificates are on display so you can reassure yourself you are in the hands of a highly trained,  highly professional and highly likeable person who  also practices from the heart.

Can’t wait to go back!


The effect on complimentary therapies on anxiety is something I will investigate further when I have finished current projects and will type up on here but for now,  I highly recommend Holly at Wellbeing Studio in Rogiet (between Caldicot and Magor, Sth Wales). I know this is local to me so have a look who’s local to you and give it a go!


Lots of info on Holly’s site:

Wellbeing Studio





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