A very warm welcome to my website but please bear with me as I add content! I am an author of non-fiction history under the pen-name of Louise Wyatt, in dedication to the memory of my lovely mum (my middle name, her family name). I have some new projects lined up regarding health and wellbeing, nature/environment and women’s fiction but I also have the day job which obviously gets in the way 😉

So I’ve devised a new website to cover all aspects of my writing.  Some of you maybe familiar with my alter-ego – sorry, I mean pen-name – of Louise Wyatt, originally to keep my love of history separate from my day to day shenanigans. I will keep the links to my Wyatt Twitter and Facebook page until I have got time to update, in between my other life as a District Nursing Sister*

Thank you for being here and enjoy 🙂


*As of September this year (2019), I am now on a year’s sabbatical from work.  Life tends to throw curveballs sometimes and we now have my father-in-law living with us due to his advanced Alzheimer’s.  It’s difficult, as you can imagine, but it has allowed me time to finally start my own health and wellbeing business which I have named Teylu – a nod to my Cornish ancestry and means ‘family’ in Cornish.  Please see links below, thank you 🙂



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